Hello World!

GOD’s peace for all of us.  We are  the management of  Original Nana Karlina Batik  site  ( World of Exotic Batik for You )  feel proud of your coming. In this site You will see various kind of exotic Batik clothes that make you proud wear them. We hope we can answer your need by this site.

History of Batik :
Historically batik has recognized since the century of XVII from ancestors epoch written and painted at palm left. At the moment motif of batik was dominated with animal form dan crop. But nowdays, the development of batik is in a long a progress, that is from animal painting patterns and crop of beber etc. Hereinafter, the combine of painting’s pattern and clocthes frieze art resulted batik drawn as we know today.   The type and pattern of traditional batik is various kind. But the variation of pattern is according to each culture and philosophy which is many kind. The variety culture in Indonesia has supported the born of kind batik tradisional type and pattern there has own specialty and characteristic, such as Solo’s batik,  Pakalongan’s batik,  Yogya’s batik, etc.  According to the way of production, globally batik has known with 3 groups, batik cap, batik tulis, and batik printing. By this site we offer you semi modern batik printing and batik tulis product, that will make you proud to wear them, even give you profit to sell them.  GOD bless us.

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